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Pink + Gray Look using a Quad

A lot of times, we buy quads because there was one color we simply loved, had to have, and completely disregard the rest of the colors that were included in the purchase. I am guilty of that. Many, many times I have purchased a quad, an eyeshadow palette with 4 colors, and not used 2 or 3 of them because I simply couldn't think of what to do with them. The simplest thing you can do is USE THEM ALL! You will be surprised at how amazing you can look :)

The quad I am using is Avon's True Color Eye Shadow Quad in Smoky Eyes. It features Snow Pearl (white with lavender shimmers), Privately Pink (matte baby pink), Moonlight (light slate gray with lavender undertone), and Steel (steel gray with silver undertone).

(Using only a Quad)

1. Always start with a clean and fresh face. Make sure to always moisturize and apply your preferred anti-crease eye shadow primer (I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance). You may do your face make-up before or after you do your eye make-up. I tend to work a bit on the messy side, so I like to put on my face make-up after my eyes are done...Although, that may not always be the case...

2. Apply Steel with a fluffy blending brush above your crease with windshield wiper motion. You can go as high up as you want. I have a lot of space between my crease and my eyebrow, so I like to go high up. If this is not the case for you, my may want to just go on the crease and not higher - you don't wanna look like a racoon or close your eyes up with so much make-up.

3. Spot clean your fluffy blending brush with a baby wipe and pick up some Moonlight. Apply it right on top of the upper edge of Steel with windshield wiper motion. Do not place it above it - we're using Steel and Moonlight together and blending them with each other without layering them on top of each other. What we want is to BLEND them together on the top edge to have a nice faded effect.

4. Grab a clean flat brush and pick-up Snow Pearl. Apply it to your browbone area. Grab your blending brush again and blend Monlight & Snow Pearl together. You want a nice fade.

5. Apply Privately Pink to the lid area. I took the liberty of applying a darker pink to the outter third of the crease to give the eyes a bit more dimension; however, you can skip this step altogether if you like the way it looks without it. I also did my eyebrows on this step. It just gives the eyes a more put-together look.

6. Apply a waterproof black pencil liner to your waterline and a smudgeable black pencil liner right above your top lashline. The products I used for this step were NYX's XL Eye/Eyebrow Pencil in Black on my waterline and Rimmel London's Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Jet Black. Smudge your top liner with a small flat or an angled brush. Also, apply a bit of Steel right under your bottom waterline to give the smoky look a bit more drama.

7. Curl your eyelashes and apply your preferred mascara to both top and bottom lashes. You may apply your falsies, if you are wearing any, in this step. I am wearing some really whispy ones I purchased @ the 99-cent store.

8. Apply a soft pink blush to your cheeks. I used Revlon's A Floral Affair (Limited Edition) in Pinking Of You (Only the top part of it - the lightest pink). In this step, you may also do any contour and highlighting, if you are doing any. I didn't do any, so I am not showing that...

9. As usual, I could have just done chapstick and be done. But NO!, I had to do a flesh-tone lip (my fave!). Always make sure if you are doing a flesh-tone lip, you neutralize the pink on your lips by applying a bit of concealer. Use a concealer that is one to two tones lighter than your own skin tone. Please, do NOT do a 'jizz lip'. If you do not know what that is, go ask your gay friends [believe me, they have the answer to these things ;)]...Once you apply your concealer (mine, as you can see, is all jacked-up), make absolute sure you blend it with your fingers just a bit past the lip line. Always blend blend BLEND!

10. Line your lip to re-emphazise it and apply your favorite flesh-tone lipstick. The lipliner I used was NYX's Lipliner Pencil in 849 Beige. My lipstick was a mixture between Revlon's Matte Lipstick in 001 Nude Attitude and 002 Pink Pout. I also applied Maybelline's Shine Seduction Glossy Lipcolor in Apricot Aura.

This is the final look! Hope you enjoy it! ^_^*

DISCLAIMER: I am not endorsed by any of the companies mentioned in this tutorial nor do I favor them over any other companies. I simply used their products for this look.

SHOPPING TIP! If you wish to purchase Avon's True Color Eye Shadow Quad in Smoky Eyes, simply go to this website ---> HERE


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Jun. 7th, 2009 05:30 pm (UTC)
Awesome! Thank you. I'm going to give this a try tonight. Somehow I never think I did it quite right.
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